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Integrated Systems

Ocean Optics offers a number of fully integrated systems for a variety of applications. Choose the one that fits your needs, or let us know how we can help you.

  • Beverage brand recognition – Spirit Sampler fully-integrated portable authentication system
  • Education – CHEMUSB4 spectrometer with integrated light source and cuvette holder
  • Raman – IDRaman series for high-sensitivity Raman measurements
  • Solar analysis – RaySphere spectrometer for irradiance measurements
  • Thin film metrology – NanoCalc reflectometry system and SpecEl ellipsometry system


Spirit Sampler
Spirit Sampler
Beverage Brand Recognition and Authentication System
RaySphere Spectrometer
RaySphere Spectrometer
Solar Analysis System
Thin Film Metrology Ellipsometry System
Thin Film Reflectometry System